Exhibition of Restless Trees by Valentino Moro

Exhibition from 29 July to 23 September 2017

Outdoor sculpture exhibition in Cortina d’Ampezzo and at high altitude

Curated by Lorena Gava

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Valentino Moro’s “tree installations”, trees made out of cement, iron and industrial waste, are clearly topical; located in the urban spaces of Cortina d’Ampezzo and in the natural settings of mountain retreats at high altitude, they convey various messages. As well as the relationship between man, his environment and the landscape there is also the identification of the man-tree as contemporary man who fights and resists, now like he did in the past, inside the trenches, among the peaks and towers or in the very bowels of the mountains in accordance with a line of time and space that from the battlefront passes to a quotidian avant-garde, ancient and present; it is the challenge to perpetuate life always and anyway.

This is why we envisaged Valentino Moro in Cortina, in an exhibition spread over urban contexts and at high altitude, among castles of rock and the military posts of World War I in the Dolomites; here tree growth is limited, which means oecumene is minimized and rock is plentiful but at the same time it accentuates tenacity and upwards aspiration, towards a spiritual liberation that is authentic and sincere.