h 220x d 200 cm
Iron and cement 2017

The artist creates a circular enclosing shape for the first time. The history of art, over the centuries, has accustomed us to the recurring presence of the circle and the sphere, from the often-interpreted myth of Atlas to the Armillary spheres of the Renaissance to the contemporary works by Escher, Fontana and Pomodoro. In this case it is a lunge at nature that gives shape and substance to the earth, represented by an entanglement of branches similar to spirals arranged in volutes.

The development of concave and convex parts, purposely open and supported by a cement base, lets the surrounding portion of the world in and is an invitation to reflect on individual and collective responsibility towards the planet that hosts and feeds us.

The sphere, notoriously bound to the idea of perfection and completion, takes us back to a sense of invoked and rediscovered harmony, to a reconciliation of spirit and material.