h 200x150x90 cm
Iron and cement 2014

The earth that is as hard as stone breaks; it is defeated by the power of an embrace that loosens all tensions, an authentic and serene union of spirit and material.


h 240x260x140 cm
Iron and cement 2016

The cement-ground is once again traversed by roots that try to resist in order to carry on propagating and generating life. The instinct for survival overcomes every impediment and the rhythm of systole and diastole, of light and dark, is released in the branches that cross like arms made precious by slender hands raised to the sky.


h 380x430x230 cm
Iron 2013

“I bend, indeed, but never break”, goes the famous quotation by Jean de la Fontaine. The wind twists the mighty branches of this tree in which the idea of man that fights and resists is
magnificently identified; it is the challenge to perpetuate life always and anyway.


h 410x150x240 cm
Iron and cement

The cross, symbol of Christianity par excellence, is here represented as a live trunk, clear allusion to the tree of life and the salvation power of the cross itself. It rises majestically from the stone base, evidencing the intersection of the axes directed at the four cardinal points which in most of the world’s cultures allude to the function of the orientation of man in the dimensions of time and space.


h 460x250x250 cm
Iron 2014

These works made entirely of iron and girders on the one hand conjure up a likeness to trunks, branches and bark, on the other arouse thoughts and images of a nature that has been attacked, harrowed, emptied of its vital lymph.